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Keep Your Home Pest Free for the Holidays

Few things can ruin a Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas or other holiday celebrations taking place in Connecticut like coming across pests or the damage that they have done or are planning to do if you don't take care of the situation right away.

Fortunately, you can do several things today to help keep these pests away when it is time to celebrate the holidays and family and friends. These include sealing all holes and cracks, which can otherwise provide an entry way for insects and rodents, inspecting boxes holding decorations that were taken from storage spaces seldom visited during other times of the year and Christmas trees brought home for the holidays and keeping all food and drinks sealed.

However, even despite the best of intentions and the most through of precautions taken, pests can sometimes still enter your home and disrupt your holiday celebrations. Here are some that are most prevalent in the Northeast during this normally joyful time of the year.


These pests often enter homes when people bring home second-hand furniture or return from a trip with passengers in their luggage or other baggage that they did not know were there. Once in your home, they tend to live near a host and feed on that host at night, which is why they got the name bedbug as beds generally provide a great home for them. They leave itchy spots on the skin of their hosts, some of whom receive allergic reactions as a result.


Unfortunately, cockroaches love spending time with you and your family during the holidays, especially with all of the food that tends to be left out during this time of the year. And, of course, if you see one, there are more than likely a significant number more of them around. Take special note if they see them during the day as this usually means that there are too many of them for the food that is available. Cockroaches are known to contaminate food and spread disease.


The last thing you want with your famous holiday meal spread out on the table for everybody to enjoy is seeing a trail of ants leading to it from the wall. Fortunately, few will ever have ant problems that extensive, but having any around can also cause contamination and diseases, and they can be particularly difficult to eradicate from homes without professional assistance.


Rodents want some of your delicious pumpkin pie too! Unfortunately, one nibbling on a piece is more apt to happen during the fall and early winter than other times of the year as they take shelter as the weather cools. These pests can also transmit disease, but they can bring other pests such as ticks and fleas into your holiday gatherings as well.

If you have come across any of these pests or you simply want to be more thorough as far as preventing them goes, make sure to call ABC Exterminating in Connecticut, and we will help you enjoy a pest-free holiday season.

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