Springtime means showers and flowers, but unfortunately spring can also bring a stink bug invasion to your hard and home. The stink bug is the brown marmorated stink bug, and gets its name based on the strong odor it emits when you get too close. The brown marmorated stink bug originates from Eastern Asia, and surprisingly was introduced to the United States only about 25 or so years ago. The stink bug has made a new home in the US, quickly spreading from the northeast to across the country to nearly every state.

Stink Bugs Really Stink – For Several Reasons

Stink bugs are not harmless, as many people think. Sure, they smell bad, and they don’t sting or bite, but these pests can wreak havoc on your plants. Stink bugs eat all kinds of plants, from weeds to indoor and outdoor ornamental plants. They even damage fruit, seeds, and nuts. Stink bugs feed on the stems, leaves, and roots of the plant and suck vital juices from the plants, leaving them to wilt and die. They can take out entire fields of crops, vegetables, and even orchards. Crop farmers in the northeast have particularly been affected.

New research from the entomologists at the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) demonstrates that stink bugs are attracted to blue light. They gravitate toward sunlight, so look for them in sunny areas of your home and yard. At night, you may find them near porch or exterior lights.

The brown marmorated stink bug hibernates in winter. They often enter your home in search of a warm place to nest in cold weather. Now that temperatures in the Connecticut/New York area are warming up, you might see large numbers of them congregating in warm sunny areas like on stone patios or near a sunny wall or window. If you see them, they will be back at it, munching away at your plants in no time. If you have plans to put in new spring landscaping or plant a vegetable garden, you can’t afford to have a stink bug congregation.

We Eradicate Stink Bugs

Treatment of these prolific pests is best left to the professionals at ABC Exterminating. A stink bug’s flat body allows it to squeeze into pretty much any nook or cranny in your home. Stink bugs are versatile and can crawl up walls and even fly. They often work in large numbers so you may experience an invasion. At ABC, we know where stink bugs hide. We will look for their hibernation places inside and outside your home, and look for any cracks, torn screens or vents that need to be closed. While we are at it, we will look for other pests that may already be in your home as well.

Our treatments involve the latest chemical products, and we also use pheromone-based traps to attract and capture stink bugs. We will definitely take care of the problem. If you’ve seen one stink bug, chances are there are more. Give us a call today at ABC Exterminating.

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