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How to check your property for yellow jackets & wasps.

wasp 4Yellow jackets and wasps pose a serious hazard to your property and home. You can get rid of these pests by knowing how to check for them and understanding what attracts them to your home.

What Attracts Yellow Jackets and Wasps

Yellow jackets and wasps are like many other pests in that they are continuously on the lookout for food and shelter. They will choose your home above others if they spy conditions that are perfect for building nests and eating well.

Some of the ideal provisions that will draw them to your house include:

  • Darkened overhangs and eaves that provide shelter and protection from the weather
  • Weathered wood that provides a source of fiber and sustenance
  • Open garbage bins
  • Fruit trees with blossoms or ripened fruit
  • Open water in bird baths, kiddie pools, or puddles
  • Bright floral patterns on outdoor furniture or decorations

All of these conditions allow wasps and yellow jackets to thrive and build nests. You can uninvite them to your home by:

  • Keeping garbage gathered and removed
  • Harvesting fruit as soon as it ripens
  • Emptying bird baths and pools and filling puddles in your yard and driveway
  • Using dark, plain fabrics on outdoor decorations
  • Replacing weathered wood with fresh, solid wood or other materials

Once they choose your home as their shelter, wasps and yellow jackets will immediately start building nests or hives. Wasp hives look like upside down umbrellas while yellow jacket nests look like smooth mounds that are covered in paper. Wasps will build their hives inside walls or ceilings, and yellow jackets will typically build nests in the ground or in empty walls or eaves.

Wasp Versus Yellow Jacket

It is important that you know the difference between a wasp and a yellow jacket. Wasps have dark brown angular bodies and are smaller than yellow jackets.

Yellow jackets, as their name implies, are yellow with black stripes and are about 10 millimeters in length. They are social pests but also highly aggressive. It is vital that you avoid contact with both wasps and yellow jackets if you are allergic to their stings.

Instead of trying to remove these pests and their hives, you should rely on professional pest extermination services. Yellow jackets and wasps are dangerous and assertive pests that will attack you and your loved ones. You should call ABC Exterminating for all of your wasp and yellow jacket control needs today.

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