Termites can be a huge problem because of how fast they reproduce. A queen termite can lay anywhere from one hundred to five thousands eggs per day, and they can live to be 25 years old! That means that if you have a termite problem, it could grow very quickly.

Not sure if you have a termite problem? Here are a few signs.

Clicking Sounds

The worker termites, the ones who love eating your wood, make very specific sounds. When they’re in your walls eating their way through, they often bang their heads against the wood and shake their bodies. They do this to communicate with other termites. They are also very noisy eaters and if things are quiet around you in your home, you can actually hear them eating wood.

To see if you have a termite issue in your home, wait until things are quiet and listen for the clicking noises. When you hear them, you will know. They make a very distinct sound.

Flying Termites

Did you know that some termites can fly? When they leave a colony and are looking to join or create a new one, they must fly to travel. Flying termites are much more obvious than the ones that don’t fly, because you can see them flying around, usually in groups. This is usually the first sign of a termite infestation, so once you see them, use the time to take care of the problem right away.

Tight-Fitting Doors and Windows that are Hard to Open

Both of these are elements of harsh weather, but they are also signs of termites. Termites produce moisture when they eat wood, which can cause the wood to warp. In time, this can make doors and windows hard to open.

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