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How Pests Deal With Snow

What do people and pests have in common? We share the relentless desire to escape snow and cold temperatures by fleeing to a warmer, sunnier climate. Unfortunately, mice, insects and squirrels can’t jump onto a plane and travel to exotic locations, so they retreat to a more accessible winter locale: people’s homes. If you don’t want your home listed as a 5-star winter resort in the Pests’ Leisure and Travel Guide, a pest control professional can bar access to unsavory guests.

Survival mechanism dictates that when it’s cold outside, creatures venture inside. Professional pest control services involve the removal of pest infestations, it’s true, but true professionals will also inspect your home to identify ports of entry used by the rodents or insects. These experts, let’s call them Critter Whisperers, have the education and experience the layman lacks to get inside the minds of pests, be they furry or many legged, and see your home from the creatures’ perspective.

When it comes to unwanted guests from the animal kingdom, you have a choice: Hire chipmunks for concierge services or seal the entry. After a professional closes all openings and the pests can’t take refuge from the snow in your home, they’ll seek a new vacation hot spot – or learn to enjoy skiing.

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