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Termites are a common problem throughout the United States. In fact, they are found in all states except for Alaska. Connecticut has a fairly high occurrence of termites due to its relatively mild winters and warm summers. The eastern subterranean species is the most common species to be found throughout the state. What are termites, how can you detect an infestation, and what problems do they create? The following information will help you understand more about these insects.

Facts about Termites?

Termites are a common type of insect that can infest homes, offices, and other buildings throughout the United States. Termites operate in large colonies similar to those in which ants reside. A single termite colony can contain as many as three million termites. This demonstrates how quickly a termite infestation can get out of hand. Since termites generally reside deep within the infrastructure of your home, you may not even be aware of their presence for a considerable period of time.

Signs of a Termite Infestation

Since termites tend to remain well-hidden, it can sometimes be difficult to detect the presence of an infestation. However, there are a few things you can keep an eye out for that may signify a problem with termites. These common termite signs are listed below.

Termite Tubes

Termites build complex tubing to serve as a protection for them and to serve as a dark and humid area in which they can store food as needed. The presence of these tubes either inside or outside your home may indicate that you have an infestation of termites.


You will have to pay attention to the outer perimeter of your home to detect this common sign of termites. Since subterranean termites are the most common species in Connecticut, it makes sense to keep an eye out for the presence of these tunnels. Subterranean termites reside mostly in the soil and will build elaborate tunnels serve as shelter and a storage area for food.

Unusual Noises

If you have a larger infestation of swarming termites, you may hear unusual noises to alert you to their presence. The tapping sound made by many species of termites is caused by their jaws and heads coming into contact with wood as they chew their way through these structures.

What Problems Can be Caused by Termites?

Termites are among the most feared insects for many homeowners because of the extent of the harm they can cause to buildings, homes, and offices. Though they are fairly small in size, termites are responsible for millions of dollars worth of damage on a yearly basis. In addition to the cost of repairing this damage, accidents and injuries that occur as a result of it can impact many families.

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