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Got Red Arachnids Lurking in Dark Corners? Call on Our Spider Control Pros!

Got Red Arachnids Lurking in Dark Corners? Call on Our Spider Control Pros!

Have you ever noticed a small, red spider lurking in a dark corner of your home and thought about calling for spider control? Chances are it was a member of the species, Nesticodes rufipes. Widely looked at as an araneomorph arachnid, it is also known as the red house spider. And it case you’re wondering, its fang alignment helps distinguish it from other pesky spiders.  

Instead of being parallel to one another, its fangs are divergent. As such, they operate in a manner that is similar to a pair of scissors. But that doesn’t make red house spiders’ bites any less annoying or venomous than their brown or black cousins. Although their fang-induced puncture wounds won’t likely send healthy people to hospital, they are toe-curling and may easily become infected with bacteria.

A red house spider’s’ name gives clues about its appearance. They tend to be reddish-brown and three to seven millimeters long with those unusual fangs we mentioned earlier jutting out from their mouths. They love to hide in dark, cool areas of tropical and subtropical homes, particularly those that have a ready supply of insects nearby.

The females will mate year round and protect their offspring inside of round, cream-colored sacs, which they place near their webs for safekeeping. Like other house arachnids our spider control experts encounter in North America, most females produce large numbers of offspring in their respective lifetimes. The offspring’s small frames often enable them to hide in plain sight but not for long. Our spider control team can effectively kill red house spiderlings and their parents with a number of professional-strength products.

To learn more about red house spiders and how professionals keep them under control, please contact us today and set up a consultation. We’d be pleased to help remove red house spiders and other pests from your home.

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