If you ever feel silly jumping out of your seat at the sight of a tiny mouse, keep in mind that elephants, some of the smartest creatures on the planet, share your fear. That must tell you something. Mice are dirty, destructive, and plain unsightly, and you should always keep a few tricks up your sleeve for keeping them away. These four are a great place to start:

Store Food and Waste Properly

One of the most important things to keep in mind for mice and pest control, in general, is to limit the amount of food you are making available for your unwanted guests. After all, how can you blame them for taking advantage of a free, home-cooked meal? Always be sure to keep your food sealed, and to take your trash out regularly. The longer garbage sits out, the more appetizing it smells if you happen to be a mouse. 

Seal Holes and Cracks Around Your Home’s Foundation

Mice have small, soft bodies that can fit through tiny holes. To ensure that your home is free of them, it is important to pay attention to any entry points they may have. The best place to start might be the most obvious—  the doors. Torn screens and cracked doors are perfect opportunities for mice to slip in. Seal holes and repair damaged screens and doors to make sure mice are not able to waltz right in. 

Seal Your Plumbing

Believe it or not, mice and other pests have also been known to make their way into unsuspecting homes through pipes and drains. Luckily, this is a problem that can be avoided if your plumbing is well-maintained. The fewer entry points there are in and around your pipes, the more unlikely it is that they will be the source of a pest problem. Make sure openings are well-sealed, and also that leaks are promptly fixed—  mice are attracted to sources of water. 

Fight Clutter 

Finally, you should be mindful of the fact that mice want to live in places that provide good shelter. This often means places with a lot of clutter. Basements, garages, and living spaces that are scattered with debris and mess can turn out to be very welcoming for mice; they may even decide to start families! To avoid creating such a welcoming environment for unwelcome rodents, keep your living spaces and storage areas clear of clutter and mess. 

With these tips, you should be better prepared to keep your house free of mice. Always remember that minimizing entry points and limiting potential food and shelter are the best ways to deter rodents. Keep you and your home safe year-round. To receive a free quote, inquire about services and/or schedule an appointment, check out ABC Exterminating Inc. here or give us a call at (888) 794-8331 today!

Four Ways to Prevent Mice Entering Your Home Pest Control in Milford CT

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