Did you know? April is National Pest Management Month! This is probably because it’s the season where all the pests wake up and come to your home from their long winter hibernations.

Everybody celebrates Winter as a time where your home is pest-free. While you are dreaming of garden flowers and warm sunny days, pests are sneaking in your home.

It’s hard to keep track of which pests to prepare for during each season. These five pests are the ones that may have already snuck in, so you should keep an eye out for them:


Termites are the most expensive pest that you can have. They love to feed on wood and paper, which is basically your entire house. These pests are notorious for being undetectable until your home is beyond repair and they cause an average of 5 billion dollars’ worth of damage annually.


Ants will come out of hiding as the weather gets warmer but can soon find refuge inside your home. These ants love to create tunnels and nests in wood and are very good at going unnoticed.

These pests look and act like termites, with wings, larger bodies, and similar potential to create thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to your home.


These pests hibernate in the winter unnoticed in attics or wall voids. When they come out of hibernation, they will want to begin reproducing and need to find a spot to lay their eggs.

If you were unlucky, you may not have seen their nests. Once they wake up, however, you’ll notice that not only did they stay, but they will colonize fast.


Wasps or bees may have spent their winter in your cozy cabin’s attic, but spiders have ownership to your basement or crawlspace. Where you may not notice you have bugs in your house, these pests are aware and will hunt them down.


Rodents love to bother you all year round. They can sneak in through vents, gaps in the roof or walls or pipes. They love hiding in wood piles and inside your walls. If you’re not careful, they’ll eat your food and leave their feces everywhere.

In Conclusion

Spring showers leave the perfect environment for pests. Most pests love dark, damp areas near a good food source. For your home, this is your basement, attic, or inside your walls.

The more it rains, the more pests will come to find your home. These pests use the Spring rains to humidify their bodies and continue to develop as they wake up from their Winter hibernation.

With April being National Pest Management Month, it is the perfect time to set up pest control, so you are prepared before these insects find a way into your home. For professional help, contact ABC Exterminating today!

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