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Don't Get Stung This Memorial Day

Memorial Day weekend is the gateway to grilling, sailing and swimming. It's that special time of year when everyone is ready for outdoor fun. The bad news is that your friends and family aren't the only ones headed for your backyard barbeque. Spring is the beginning of bee and wasp season. Bees emerge when the temperatures in New York and Connecticut finally rise. Wasp queens wake up around the same time after the long winter and look for places to build their nests. This is when the trouble begins.

Controlling Wasps

Queen wasps get to work as soon as spring arrives. These matriarchs are particularly large. If you see them buzzing around your home, they're looking for a place to nest. The queens that overwinter are responsible for creating a new nest and a new generation of workers. By the time Memorial Day arrives, the young wasps are working to find food for the colony's larvae. Barbeques and picnics are frequent stops because wasps hunt for protein in the spring and summer. They prefer sweets later in the season. If there's a nest around your home, the workers will come over to taste your burgers, hotdogs and sandwiches. Some methods are effective if you can catch the queens, but it's easier to remove the nests once they are established. With the risk of multiple stings and life-threatening allergies, it's best to leave this dangerous work to a professional.

Removing Bee Nests

Bees aren't as aggressive as your garden-variety yellow jackets and paper wasps, but they will sting. This poses a danger to children, pets and anyone who is allergic to the venom. Even if you don't have an allergy, insect stings will cause intense pain, numbness, swelling, itching and other uncomfortable symptoms. Bee colonies have anywhere from several hundred to several thousand members. The biggest problems occur when bees nest around homes, in attics, behind siding and above soffits. Frequent interactions occur when bees live in the ground near gardens and walkways. Approximately 70 percent of bees in New York and Connecticut are ground dwelling, so these species are more common than you might think. Because bees are sensitive and many species are endangered, it's important to exercise caution when appropriate.

If wasps or bees are swarming your yard, deck or outdoor spaces, call ABC Exterminating to control the situation before Memorial Day. With more than 50 years in the industry, we're qualified to handle all pests in Connecticut's Fairfield, New Haven, and Litchfield counties as well as Westchester County, New York.

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