What are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are small insects that get their name from where you find them, your bed. Bed bugs are thin, oval insects that suck the blood of humans and animals. Bed bugs multiply extremely fast and grow into a reddish color once they are adult size.

Can Bed Bugs Spread Disease?

According the Center of Disease Control , bed bugs haven’t been proven to spread disease. They do bite people which can be itchy, with excessive itching the bite does risk infection. Even though they do spread diseases does not mean they shouldn’t be exterminated. If you have found bed bugs in your home call a pest control company immediately.

Signs on a Bed Bug Infestation

Here are some signs that you may have a bed bug infestation

Itchy Red Spots

If you wake up with small itchy red spots on your body, chances are you have bed bugs.

Musty Odor

Bed bugs give off an unpleasant musty odor. If you start to smell a musty stiff odor it might be time to check for bed bugs.

Blood Stain Sheets

There may be blood in your sheets from bed bugs biting you in your sleep. Check your mattress for bed bugs if your sheets have small blood stains.

Dark Spots on Your Mattress

Black spots on your mattress typically near the corners and stitching are a dead giveaway of a bed bug infestation. Call an exterminator immediately.

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A Bed Bug infestation should be dealt with as soon as possible. Bed Bugs spread rapidly if they are not treated early. ABC Exterminating can exterminate your bed bug infestation. Contact us today!

Do Bed Bugs Spread Disease? Pest Control in Milford CT

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