Connecticut and New York are two solid reasons why the American Northeast is a great region to live in. From the bustling cities to the gorgeous mountain ranges, the CT/NY area of America is filled with beauty and excitement; however, its pests are not on its list of reasons to visit. Here are some commonly found pests in these states which you should look out for if you’re planning on buying property there.


Cockroaches can be found nearly everywhere. However, they are particularly numerous in New York and Connecticut. Not only is it startling to see cockroaches scuttle across the kitchen floor at night, but cockroaches can cause potentially deadly diseases by crawling over the very food items you intend to eat. If you see any cockroaches around your house, don’t hesitate to call pest control specialists to eradicate them.

Bed Bugs

The notorious blood suckers of the pest family, bed bugs have been the source of nightmares for countless boys and girls for centuries. Unfortunately, bed bugs are more than just the stuff of horror stories, as anyone who has had them infest their home will confirm. They cause annoying itching and skin irritation which very few people need in their lives. Bed bugs should be exterminated as soon as they are suspected.


Frequently found in the CT/NY area, termites have been responsible for unfathomable amounts of structural damage, not to mention the massive cost of repairs. Tiny as they are, a colony of termites can chew through walls, floorboards and support beams, crippling a house completely in a matter of weeks. Requiring only a small amount of moisture and being able to travel through underground tunnels, termites are one of the most tenacious pests to defend against, meaning that if you see unattached sets of termite wings lying around your floors or window sills, make sure your house isn’t on borrowed time.


The classic ant; one of the first pests which come to people’s mind when they are driven to consider ‘things which need exterminating,’ is also known to make an appearance in both New York and Connecticut. Ants are sort of jacks-of-all-trades when it comes to causing you misery. They can contaminate food, cause disease, destroy property, or for a less subtle form of torment, they can simply make their way to your skin directly and bite you. Very little good can come from having these pests as roommates.

Pests are problematic no matter where you are, and the CT/NY region is certainly not an exception. Fortunately, at ABC Exterminating, we have the resources and experience you need to handle whatever pest problem you’re dealing with for good. For more information, or to receive quality pest control services, call ABC Exterminating.

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