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Bee and Wasp Control: Don’t Perspire Over Sweat Bees a Minute Longer

Have you ever been out in the lawn on a hot day and found yourself under attack by sweat bees? There are more than 40 different species of them in the world and each one is attracted to human sweat. Unfortunately, that makes them problematic to have around, especially during the summer months when everyone is more apt to sweat at some point in the day than not.

The good news is you don’t have to perspire over sweat bees a minute longer. Seek out professional bee and wasp control services instead. They will help eradicate them and other members of the order Hymenoptera so everyone can enjoy summer without being stung. The first step in sweat bee control is locating their underground nesting sites.

The tiny, metallic colored bees are often found living in level areas of bare, fairly loose soil that receive full sun during most of the daylight hours.  So oftentimes, finding the entrances to sweat bees’ nests is easy. Controlling them isn’t difficult either. The ideal course of action is to wet and disturb the soil when the sweat bees are least apt to be active (e.g. cold snaps). The wetting agent should be a mix of water and special insecticides.

Once the underground galleries are exposed, applying another dose of water-soluble insecticides will help destroy the sweat bees and larvae that remain. One word of warning though, because the bee and wasp control chemicals are water-soluble it is important to use caution. Otherwise, the chemicals could easily spread into additional areas (e.g. koi ponds) and temporarily cause additional problems to occur.

Afterward, it is best to cover all exposed, sunny areas in the lawn with either organic or inorganic materials to keep the sweat bees from returning.  Examples include rubber mulch, turf grass, pea gravel, stepping-stones, wood mulch and ground cover plants. To learn more about sweat bee and wasp control measures, please contact us.

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