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Acrobat Ants Make In-Home Control Difficult

Around the country, Acrobat Ants are invading homes, setting up their nests, and doing everything that they can to make their extermination as difficult as possible.

Named for the way that they carry their abdomens above the rest of their bodies as if they were performing a balancing act, Acrobat Ants can nest both outside and indoors. Nests may be uncommon indoors, but they are not unheard of. When they're inside, they prefer to build their nest inside wooden structures or within dark, moist cavities; but generally, acrobat ants will build a nest along the outside structure of a home (such as in the eaves of a front porch) before sending foraging parties into the home on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, identifying and destroying Acrobat Ant nests doesn't always work. Although there is generally only one queen per nest, this species often builds remote sites to their nests, meaning that destroying one of their nests doesn't always solve the problem. The nest containing the queen must also be discovered and destroyed in order for true extermination. 

According to experts at Clemson, remote nests aren't the only reason that Acrobat Ants can be challenging to control. This is due largely to the challenges of identification and location:

Successful control of acrobat ants depends on a thorough inspection and correct identification.  Nest removal is always the most effective ant management strategy. Both interior and exterior inspections are necessary. The ants inside may originate from an outdoor nest site. Inside a structure, detection of acrobat ant nests can be difficult.

In the end, due to the challenging nature of keeping these ants under control within the home, it is best to consult with a pest control professional. They have the expertise needed to complete the task quickly and efficiently. 

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