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5 Tips for a Pest-Free Picnic

Dog TickWith summertime underway, it is time to plan the perfect picnic. While this event is fun and conjures up nostalgic memories, bees, wasps and ticks can ruin your picnicking experience. To make sure that uninvited guests do not hurt your picnicking experience, make sure to use the following tips for a pest-free day.

1. Location Matters

The first step in avoiding insects is to pick the right location. To avoid mosquitoes, you will want to stay away from any locations that are near bodies of water like lakes or stagnant ponds. Bees and wasps love flowering plants, so stay away from any area that is filled with large flowers. Once you have avoided these spots, check the ground around you for ant colonies. Look up and make sure that there are no hives or nests nearby. If you do not see any potential insect sources nearby, you are ready to prepare your picnic.

2. Wear Bug Spray

DEET is extremely effective at repelling mosquitoes. It is also an effective repellent for ticks. With Zika virus and Lyme Disease a constant concern, you need to use an EPA-registered ingredient like DEET to ward away ticks and mosquitoes.

3. Keep Stinging Insects Away

Wasps, bees and other stinging insects love the smell of perfume and flowers. The best way to keep stinging insects at bay is to avoid wearing any perfume or strong scent. As an added measure, use plastic cups so that stinging insects cannot hide within aluminum cans or soda bottles. Flowers, sugar and floral scents draw bees to your yard, so avoid these things whenever possible. Any food that you do bring to a picnic should be brought in a resealable container so that it does not attract pests.

4. Skip Out on Sweet Food

Many insects like wasps, ants and bees are naturally attracted to sugary scents. If you can limit the number of sugary sodas, cakes and cookies at your picnic, you can reduce the chances that insects will find you. In addition, limiting sugary food is a healthier choice for your body as well.

5. Spotting Ticks

Often, you will be able to see the tick on your body once it has bitten you. If it already fell off, you can still tell if you were bitten or not. You may develop a red spot or rash near where you were bitten. A sudden fever, headache, joint pain or nausea can also be signs that you have developed a tick-borne disease.

As summer begins, do not let insects limit your fun. If bees, wasps, ticks or other insects are limiting your picnicking schedule, contact us at ABC Exterminating for pest control help. We can help you remove any pests in your yard so that you can enjoy the warm rays of summer.

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