The odds are high that you are already juggling many tasks while operating your business. The last thing you want to see is a pest problem running amok– slowing down all your processes and decreasing productivity. 

But what can you do? You are not a pest control expert, and you definitely don’t have the time to sit down and study up. We understand your situation better than anyone, but in our case, we are pest control experts. 

Since 1966, those of us at ABC Exterminating Inc. have been serving our community. We are using that experience to give you five of our best tips for keeping those pests in check! 

1. Take the Trash Out.

That may seem suspiciously simple. However, what do you think attracts pests like cockroaches and rodents in the first place? Usually, it’s food and shelter– two things that your trash provides. 

When you leave your trash out for long periods, you invite pests to come inside and grab a treat or two. Avoid offering that treat by using self-closing lids on your trash bins and emptying them regularly. 

2. Clean, More Than You Think Necessary.

It often surprises people when they learn how far food particles travel and how far pests will go to find them.

If you don’t clean your surfaces regularly, you’ll end up with those particles building up and evolving into a dinner bell for pests. You can cancel that bell by practicing good hygiene in your office and committing your coworkers to do the same. It can save a lot of trouble in the long run. 

3. Eliminate Standing Water.

Many pests love to see standing water, especially mosquitoes looking to breed or rodents and cockroaches after a sip. None of those pests are well-liked or conducive to a productive environment, so it’s best to remove all standing water on your property. 

Yes, all. That includes birdbaths, potholes, plant pots and everything in between. 

4. Seal Any Pest Entrances. 

As you’re eliminating reasons for pests to enter your property, you should also prevent them from getting the chance. 

Look out for any cracks or crevices throughout your building. Common problem areas include weak window seals, doors without sweepers or cracking mortar between bricks. If you find one of these spots to be vulnerable, seal it up as best you can. 

5. Hire a Professional Pest Control Service.

There’s nothing wrong with taking some preventative measures yourself, but if they aren’t cutting it, you need help. 

Waiting too long can leave you with a pest infestation that’s beyond your control– costing you more time and money to solve. However, taking a moment to hire a pest professional will leave your building secure and your productivity intact. 

If you’re already in that situation, we have your back. Contact ABC Exterminating Inc. today for pest control services that will never fail.

5 Incredibly Useful Pest Control Tips for Commercial Businesses! Pest Control in Milford CT

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