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3 Signs That It's Time To Get Professional Termite Control

3 Signs That It's Time To Get Professional Termite Control

We all know that bugs can be annoying. Spiders, ants and roaches are the worst. But if you're experiencing problems with termites then you could soon be facing severe and even dangerous problems. Termites cause over $50 billion dollars in property damage a year. Here's 3 signs that it's time to seek professional termite control help-

  1. You Can See Swarms of What You Think Looks Like Flying Ants- These are actually swarms of young termites that are sent to start forming colonies. If you see this it's time get professional pest control help.
  2. Little Brown Tubes Have Appeared In The Foundation of Your Home/Building- These tubes look similar to straws. It's an encasing that acts as a sort of termite highway. If you see this you've got big problems. 
  3. You Keep Finding Pieces of Hollowed Out Wood- Termites are so hard to detect because they eat pieces of wood from the inside out. If you see hollowed out wood on your property you need to seek professional pest control help ASAP.

A lot of people insist on trying to address pest control problems by themselves but this is very unwise. Termites have the potential to literally ruin your home or business and every day you fail to address the problem things will certainly get worse. And buildings infested with termites are unsafe. Don't leave your family, employees and tenants at risk. If you see the signs of infestation you need to seek professional pest control help immediately and let folks with the knowledge and experience deal with the problem. 

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