Bed Bug Control in Norwalk & Surrounding Areas

Bedbug 2If you have been noticing small red bumps that itch on yourself or your family members, you may have bedbugs. These bumps typically appear in a straight line. Bedbug bites are painful and irritating enough that people often scratch them to the point of developing a skin infection. The worst part about bedbugs is that they are pests that only grow in numbers and spread easily.

These small round bugs are brown in color and may appear slightly translucent or reddish if they have recently had a blood meal. They can enter your home from hotels, businesses, workplaces, schools or other homes you visit that are infested. Bedbugs usually travel in on peoples' clothing or bags. They tend to shy away from light, so finding them can be tricky.

Many people notice the bites bedbugs leave first. However, another common sign is their shed exoskeletons and excrement. The excrement looks like reddish-brown dirt and may be visible on or under furniture. Bedbugs prefer carpets, sofas, chairs and mattresses. Some people also notice a musky smell in a concentrated area where there is an infestation.

Bedbugs can cause emotional and physical distress for family members and also discourage visitors. They are more than an embarrassing problem in Connecticut, and colonies can grow in record amounts of time. In addition to this, they can survive months without a blood meal. As they grow, bed bug colonies become harder to remove. If you suspect a bedbug problem or have already identified one, it is time to call a professional pest control company immediately. ABC Extermination has been a trusted name for effective and fast service in Fairfield County for almost 50 years. For more information or a free estimate, call us today.